Friday, December 2, 2016

When it comes to tech devices (smartphones in particular), there are always some major point of attraction specs wise that draws the attention of intending buyers.

With smartphones features such as memory (RAM specifically), Screen size, Camera, Processor and Battery topping the lookout list.

Generally a device that features a 5/5.5 display screen, 2GB RAM and 3000mAh battery would be described as a pretty alright smartphone.

A smartphone carrying a 3000mAh battery would be considered decent and usually a smartphone carrying a 5500/6000mAh battery would be considered a monster device, right?

However there is a new kid in the block (or more rightly put, a new macho man in the gym!!!) and this device features a mind-blowing

Glo free browsing tweak has been around and blazing for a while now with a lot of people lowkey benefiting from it!

A new variant of the Glo 0.00 FREE browsing tweak is HERE and it is blazing and much more stable than previous ones.
This time around we will be making use of a new variant of Psiphon VPN app i.e XP Psiphon  by Shabuzaman.


The MTN night plan was stopped a few days back (probably in anticipation of NCC's proposed data price increase mandate >>> which has now been suspended), but is back on offer and blazing!!!

Image result for mtn browsing image



Barely days after NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) made the ridiculous mandate to all telecommunication companies in the country (NGR) to increase internet data bundle prices - a move that was rightly met with general nationwide uproar and anger - NCC on Wednesday 30th November announced the immediate suspension of the Data bundle price increase mandate.

The new rate which would have led to
Monday, November 28, 2016

It is no news that telecom giants Samsung had a very terrible second half of 2016 with credit for that going to the Samsung Note 7 fiasco.
Samsung are however already planning a swift and strong return with the next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge  predecesor: Samsung Galaxy S8!
As always with the Galaxy series, leaked specs and features have already started popping their beautiful heads.
Image result for samsung galaxy s8 images
According to leaks, the Galaxy S8 will come featuring a cool 6GB RAM as well as an awesome

CNN, the American news channel in what is was a hilariously inappropriate incident accidentally broadcasted 30 minutes of hardcore pornography to bemused viewers in Boston on Thursday 24 November 10pm EST (4am GMT).

Image result for cnn

This happened after a mistake was made by US digital cable TV provider RCN.

RCN provides

Tecno Mobile has officially its flagship pad: Tecno WinPad 2 in Nigeria, this is coming after the device had been previously globally launched in Dubai.

Image result for tecno winpad 2 image

The WinPad 2 runs on Microsoft's latest Windows 10 OS and comes with Microsoft Office Mobile pre-installed.

The device comes packing an impressive

In a development that can only be described as at best a travesty, Nigeria Communications Commision, NCC has mandated all telecommunication companies in the country (NGR) to increase data rates starting from the 1st of December, 2016.

Image result for ncc nigeria image

This is coming at a time when the country is
Thursday, November 24, 2016

Facebook over the years has grown into much more than just a social media platform. the platform has developed into an online shopping mall (via Facebook Marketplace) among other features it now offers other than socializing.

Facebook has introduced another cool feature i.e Wi-fi Discovery which allows Facebook users locate Free and Public WiFi hotspots from within the App/website.

Facebook Wi-Fi Discovery is being tested and is designed to highlight places where Facebook users can access FREE and

WhatsApp has all but cemented its place as No 1 in the instant messaging sphere with its strategic series of updates to the app.

The recent update to go live is the Whatsapp video calling feature which has been very much welcome by Whatsapp users (Myself inclusive).

Image result for whatsapp video streaming

Now, Whatsapp has started the rollout of a new awesome feature to the platform which allows

Smartphone makers Gionee are definitely one of the best makers of beastly but beautiful smartphones and another of such ridiculously devices with mind-blowing specs has been certified in China.

Gionee M2017 is a 5.7-inch AMOLED display smartphone (1440 x 2560 resolution) and is powered by a MediaTek Helio P10 SoC Octa-core  CPU clocked at 1.95GHz alongside a dual-core Mali-T860 GPU. 


The Gionee M2017 features a massive 6GB RAM and an awesome 128GB internal memory (with additional support for microSD up to 128GB!!).

Camera wise, the M2017 sports

Google released Android v2.3 Gingerbread 6  years ago in 2010 and it took almost a year (till December 2011) beforeabout 50% of Android devices ran on Gingerbread.

Image result for android gingerbread image

Lot has happened since then with the likes of Icecream Sandwich, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and now Nougat being rolled out for Android devices.

In the data released by Google earlier this year, devices running on Android Gingerbread had fallen to an expected
Monday, November 21, 2016

When it comes to blogging, the most important thing is getting traffic for your content as there is no point writing out a well researched and pretty cool pretty cool article without it reaching an audience.

This article details how you can get FREE traffic to your blog via Growtraffic website

Image result for growtraffic works the same way as To generate the FREE 10000 visitors to your website or blog which

There are time when you send a message to a friend via messaging app Whatsapp and it remains unread - or so it would seem.

Most time such messages are read and ignored due to reasons best known to the message recipient without the sender being any wiser.

Image result for whatsapp read check mark image

This is achieved by the message recipient turning off  "read receipts" on his/her Whatsapp app.
However, here is a simple way of knowing if a message recipient has read your whatsapp message even if he has his "read reciepts" turned off.

The trick is awesome in its simplicity!

It is no longer news that the Blackberry brand is grinding slowly to its now unavoidable demise.
However, there are still some Blackberry loyalist sticking with the brand till the very end!

Image result for whatsapp blackberry image

Despite this awesome development, there are however still some BB users who are still unable to get Whatsapp to function on their Blackberry devices.

The tutorial below is a HACK on how to get Whatsapp working on your blackberry


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