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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 remains one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017 and thanks to
Evan Blass of EvLeaks the major specifications and features of the Galaxy S8+ has been unveiled.

According to the leaked specification, the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is set to be a large 6.2 inch display smartphone packing 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal memory.

The S8+ features a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 8 megapixel selfie shooter. The device is also IP68 certified (dust and water resistant) and supports wireless charging.

Checkout full leaked specs and features in the image below:

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has announced that new charges on deposits and withdrawal made by Nigerians in Banks.

In a circular released, the apex bank said the decision was made at the 493rd bankers committee meeting that held on February 8.
Image result for atm withdrawal nigeria

The CBN also said it would extend its cashless policy to the remaining 30 states which were not implementing the policy.

Below is an excerpt from the circular:

This year 2017 has essentially been the year of Ponzi schemes. While MMM who was the master of them all crashed, it has not stopped the growth of ponzi schemes in the country - with new schemes popping up left, right and center.

Of course, there are some people who ultimately benefit from these schemes but ultimately these schemes eventually crash.
Image result for ponzi schemes

Below is a list of Ponzi schemes currently trending in the country:


Holla Nerddicts!

This is the latest blazing hot cheat from MTN that yours faithfully is bringing to yo (as usual) on a platter of gold!

You can get a cool FREE 30GB of data on the MTN network!!!

Yes! You read that right!!!

Image result for mtn free browsing

Enough stories, lets get down to business

How do you get FREE 30GB data on MTN?
Follow the steps detailed below:
Sunday, February 26, 2017

Verizon Communications Inc said on Tuesday 21st February, 2017 it would buy Yahoo Inc’s core business for $4.48 billion, lowering its original offer by $350 million in the wake of two massive cyber attacks at the internet company. 

The closing of the deal, which was first announced in July, had been delayed as the companies assessed the fallout from two data breaches that Yahoo disclosed last year. 

The No. 1 U.S. wireless carrier had been trying to persuade Yahoo to amend the terms of the agreement following the attacks.

Verizon and Yahoo signed the deal on Sunday evening after weeks of talks that included calls with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and a meeting between Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam and Yahoo director Tom McInerney in New York earlier this month to agree on the amount of the price reduction, a person involved in the talks said. 

The two sides had an agreement in principle about a week earlier that included a liability sharing agreement, something that Verizon decided early on that it needed to reach a deal.

Verizon conducted brand studies and found that Yahoo’s reputation was holding up after the hacks, the person said. 
The company decided to proceed in part because it continued to believe that the deal made strategic sense and that users were loyal and engaged. 

Image result for verizon yahoo acquisition

The companies said on Tuesday they expect the deal to close in the second quarter. The data breach may delay some integration of Yahoo with Verizon after the closing, the person said.

The deal brings to Verizon Yahoo’s more than 1 billion users and a wealth of data it can use to offer more targeted advertising. 

The long anticipated launch of the Blackberry Mercury Android device is happening today!

The official name is the Blackberry KEYone and it is the most powerful Blackberry Android device with full physical QWERTY keyboard yet.

The Blackberry KEYone also features the largest battery any Blackberry device has ever carried onboard.

Blackberry KEYone OFFICIAL Specs & Features


Nigerian Musician, Producer and Mavins Record CEO, Michael Collins Ajereh (Don Jazzy)  has in collaboration with Tsaboin (a technology company) launched a FREE WiFi service for Nigerians.

The new initiative is called the Flobyt.

Tsaboin MD/CEO, Dele Odufuye disclosed that the FREE Flobyt Wi-Fi service will only be accessible in LAGOS and in locations like Cyber cafes, Taxis, Buses, Restaurants, Eateries and parks.

Don Jazzy speaking at Flobyt launch in Lagos on Friday


As explained by Odufuye:

In recent weeks, the internet exploded with the news of the nostalgic comeback of the Nokia 3310. 

Different renders of what was purported to be the Android reborn of the much loved Nokia 3310, this all happened HMD even had plans for a Nokia 3310 release (I actually think the internet viral trend gave them the idea of launching a revamped Nokia 3310)

However, new information has reached us that the much talked about Nokia 3310 reborn device would not as anticipated be a Nokia Android device but remain a feature phone!

Image result for nokia 3310

Below are a few details gathered about the Nokia 3310:
  • The Nokia 3310 will remain a feature phone (NOT an Android smartphone)
  • The device despite being a comeback phone is set to be designed very identical to its formal self with weight and thickness being the only difference (bummer!)
  • The physical keyboard positions remains the same but with smaller key sizes
  • The Nokia 3310 reborn will feature a larger colored screen display
  • The Nokia 3310 reborn will launch a multi-color fuselage style , including red, green and yellow etc
source: vtechgraphy

Essentially, what we are getting is simply the old Nokia 3310 with "make-up", lol

I guess that puts a damper on all the high expectations the internet made us have.

What do you think about the Nokia 3310 reborn?


The smartphone explosion trend seems to be back on and this time it has nothing to do with the usual suspects from last year, Samsung.

This time around it is an Apple product, Yes! an iPhone!

Source: Brianna Olivas

Twitter user Brianna Olivas reported a case of her rose gold iPhone 7 Plus catching fire while sitting on a dresser. 

In a video she uploaded on Twitter (which has received over 24,000 retweets), it  shows smoke pouring out of one side of the iPhone and the case melting away.

Her device had developed a fault (it wouldn’t turn on), she visited the Apple store to get it fixed. 

According to her, the Sprint employee said her phone “looked weird when it turned on,” but they ran some tests and told her everything was fine.

The next morning she discovered it wasn’t.

Apple has since replaced her phone and are currently running tests to figure out what went wrong.
Saturday, February 25, 2017

Identity theft is most common cyber security issues today because more people have access to the internet. In addition, almost everyone has a presence online, thanks to social media.

This is why many celebrities verify their social media accounts to prevent impersonation. So, what happens to persons who cannot verify their accounts? 
You may probably be at the mercy of those who impersonate you to rip off friends and family. 

Image result for identity theft images

Identity theft is a serious issue and you must try to avoid being a victim, below a 5 tips on how to avoid identity theft.

Be wary of information you disclose on social media

The easiest way for anyone to get information about anyone is via their social media account.
Friday, February 24, 2017

Video and Photo sharing social media platform Instagram has added a new cool feature to the platform.

The new feature allows Instagram users add up to 10 photos and videos on each Instagram post, this is a massive upgrade and upload allowance (it used to be just a single post or image on a post).

This feature is especially cool for uploading parties and events pictures and videos and it is pretty easy to implement.

When uploading a new post, you simply need to tap the NEW icon seen, this will allow you select multiple videos and pictures (up to 10).

Do yo need to download a heavy file? Are you a nocturnal person?
Well, the Glo Night plan is designed specifically for you! yes, You!

It is no news that Glo is the king of data in the country (but their 3G network atimes tho...) and they have introduced a night plan that is quite cool.

For just N200 you get 1GB internet data bundle to be used at night (12AM - 5AM)

This data bundle works on ALL internet enabled gadgets (Smartphones, PCs, PSPs etc)

So, how do yo subscribe for Glo night plan?

  • Recharge your Glo SIM with N200 airtime
  • Dial simple ussd code *127*60#
  • Your airtime will be deducted and you will be credited with 1GB data for the night!

Remember, data expires before dawn (validity period of 12AM - 5AM)


According to reports, the next Android version v8.0 is set to get another delicious edible name.
This has been revealed by Android's SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer via a tweet.

According to Lockheimer the official name for the Android Nougat successor i.e Android v8.0 is billed to be called "Oreo"

Google definitely love their edibles with previous Android versions having names such as Gingerbread, Ice cream Sandwich, Nougat et al.


Below is Lockheimer's tweet displaying an Oreo cake gif:
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

MTN has introduced a new "Collect Call Service" which allows users on the MTN network make calls to friends and families with zero airtime.

With the new MTN Collect Call Service, the call recipient will have to accept responsibility to pay for the incoming voice call.

Below are the benefits of MTN Call Service

  • MTN users will be able to call your friends and families with a zero credit.
  • MTN users will not be charged a connection fee or a subscription fee for using the service.

Now to the important question of "How do I enjoy the MTN collect call service?"

Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Dial *121*Your friend number# e.g *121*08130000000# 
  • The system would check if your friend has the minimum airtime required
  • Also check you are in the allowed tariff plan
  • Also check if your friend is in the allowed tariff plan
  • Also check if your friend is available on the network
  • While the system is performing these checks, you will hear voice prompts saying "Call in progress. Please wait while your call is being connecte"
  • After all the above conditions are checked and verified, the call recipient will be notified: "Welcome to MTN Collect call service. Press 1 to accept, 2 to reject, 3 to accept and add to white list, 4 to reject and add to black list."
  • If the call recipient presses 1 to accept the call, you will be connected
  • If the call recipient chooses other options, the call will disconnect and you will be notified: "Sorry, the call cannot be connected at the moment. Please try again later. Thank you!".
There you go, you can start making those important calls even if you have no airtime (as long as the call recipient accept to pay!)

Telegram messaging app remains the closest rival to Facebook owned Whatsapp instant messenger and Telegram has just rolled out an update which comes with custom theme support.

Telegram v3.7 custom theme feature can be accessed by:
  • Download Tweakware v3.7
  • Install and launch the app
  • Go to settings
  • Goto "Themes"

When it comes to browsing tweaks, Tweakware remains the number one goto VPN for FREE UNLIMITED browsing as is the case with the latest Glo 0.0 FREE browsing cheat as well as the latest Etisalat Chatpak cheat via the latest Tweakware v5.5 VPN app.

However, if you are making use of the Tweakware FREE servers, it is has a daily usage data cap - thus making it important to subscribe to the Tweakware premium servers to ensure you browse, stream and download UNLIMITEDLY!!

Now, not everybody know how to upgrade their Tweakware for premium servers and I have been receiving requests from various persons on how to go about it.

So, I have decided to make a blog post to solve the issue once and for all.


There are various Tweakware premium server plans:

The recession is clearly hitting the telecommunications industry in the country (NGR) as they are proposing a move ban data calls for the purpose of boosting the rate of profitability in phone calls.

This move is a drastic measure designed to boost revenue in light of the country's economic crisis which is currently weighing down businesses.

Telecoms companies in the country are planning to curb losses from international calls and meet a revenue target of N20 trillion by blocking subscribers from using Skype and other internet call services, called Over-the-Top, the Punch reported on Sunday.

In what is a crazy tech development, Adolph Hitler’s phone is up for auction!

Yeah, the Nazi's telephone which was used to make war orders of destruction and genocide is up for action!

Hitler's Siemens-made rotary handset was retrieved from his bunker after the capture of Berlin in 1945 and now the old "RED" relic of war is up for sale to the highest bidder.


The starting bid for the tech relic is set at $100,000 with bids are expected to go as high or beyond $300,000.

Personally, I'd rather get me a Google Pixel and the 2017 Porsche 712 Cayman than bid for this tech relic.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Hitler's "most destructive" weapon has been sold to the highest bidder who offered a whooping $243,000 (about N121,500,000)!!!

Mind blown!!!
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We usually ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, but we seldom ask where they want to work. Well, 7-year-old Chloe Bridgewater already has her sights set: Google.

After her dad showed her pictures of Google offices decked out with bean bag chairs and slides, Chloe knew this was the company for her.

So, she handwrote a letter to the company, expressing her desire to work there.
"Dear google bossMy name is chloe and when I am bigger I would like a job with google. I also want to work in a chocolate factory and do swimming in the olympics."
In the letter, Chloe discusses her qualifications - she likes computers and has a tablet on which she plays games.

In what is sad news for international online transactors and entrepreneurs, GTBank has enforced a complete ban of all international transactions on their Naira Mastercard.

Image result for gtbank facebook

GTBank had been the only Nigerian bank that allowed users of the GTB Naira mastercard to spend a maximum of $100 on POS, foreign ATMS and websites.

This is a devastating blow for those depending on the GTB Mastercard to do their online transactions.

Checkout customer interactions on the issue with GTB on their GTB Facebook page below:
Monday, February 20, 2017

The Nigerian Government fight over corruption has see given birth to a cool tech development with the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) launching a mobile application that will aid anonymous whistle blowing for corrupt practices happening both within government agencies and parastatal as well as the private sectors.
Image result for wahala dey app

The chairman of the commission, Ekpo Nta launched the App in Abuja on February 13, 2017.

The App aptly called "Wahala Dey" is made available over msot mobile platforms to aid whistle blowers i.e Android, Windows and Blackberry running devices.

Remember the Nokia 3310 sturdy mobile phone? Well it is making a comeback!

The 3310 was one of my favourite phones back then as it featured some pretty dope games like Snakes,  Batumi and Space Impact. while packing a crazy long lasting battery.


Well, news making the rounds says that Nokia awesomeness is making a comeback!

According to reports from VentureBeat, HMD (company owning the Nokia bransd name licence) are planning on unveiling not 1, not 2 but 3 new new phones ( 2 Android smartphones and a feature phone) at the MWC event
Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nissan has rolled out the Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show and its design is a beauty to behold.
The Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept vehicle features some pretty dope styling cues which includes the floating roof line effect, suicide doors and generous cabin. 


The vehicle also has a single, continuous dash that integrates perfectly with the instrument panel and infotainment system while also featuring “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” technology which  allows for autonomous driving on urban roads and at intersections, not just on the highway and in heavy traffic.

Below are images of the Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept vehicle:

Indian OEM Lava has just launched a feature phone and while it might not seem like quite a big deal, IT IS!

The Lava 4G Connect M1 prides itself of being the very first feature phone to support VoLTE (Voice Over LTE)!!
Well, at least in India, it is!

I do not know of any other feature phone which boasts of VoLTE support though, so the Lava 4G Connect M1 is quite a big deal.

The Lava 4G Connect M1 is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and comes packing a respectable 512 RAM (it is a feature phone afterall).
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Chinese OEM Huawei has rolled out the Huawei Honor 8 lite smartphone which is a slightly lower version to the Honor 8 spec wise.

The Honor 8 lite smartphone has been launched in europe and the device despite being a lite version still manages to pack some pretty impressive specs.

Image result for huawei honor 8 lite images

The device comes packing 3GB of RAM and an internal 16GB storage while running on Android's latest Nougat OS customized in hand with the EMUI software.

The Huawei Honor 8 Lite comes carrying a single 12MP back camera and a 8MP selfie snapper. Checkout the Honor 8 Lite's full specs below:

MTN are in the spirit of valentine love gifting out 1GB of data to lucky customers on the MTN network. I got mine and of course I would love if my dear Nerddict don't miss out on this and get yours too!
Image result for mtn free browsing

MTN are gifting out the FREE data randomly but as usual there is a hack to make you among the "lucky" ones to get this data gift.


Getting the FREE 1GB data from MTN is easy and has no tweaking requirements or VPN apps, follow the steps below:

Facebook remains the largest social network platform and they do not play!

Facebook has over the years continued the improvement of the platform and just recently they launched the Facebook weather feature.

Now, reports says the launch of a new standalone TV app is imminent!

The new app will allow Facebook users watch videos from their friends and their 'liked' pages on TV, as well as watching the top live videos. 

Facebook would also - like YouTube - recommend videos based on ones users previously watched but on a much larger screen. 

The new app definitely gives Facebook a better chances of competing with the likes of streaming platforms YouTube and other traditional television channels.

Any user with Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV and Samsung’s smart TVs will be able to view Facebook’s user-generated videos through their own boxsets.

Quoting Facebook's  CEO, Zuckerberg stated:

The aim of any website is to attract as much traffic as possible. This is one of the key metrics website owners will present to prospective investors and advertisers.

In other situations, it may happen that you want to know the web traffic of your competitor. The truth is that no organization will publish their stats publicly. 

Image result for website traffic

Nonetheless, there are certain websites that can give you a fair idea or reliable traffic data of a competitor’s traffic. Below are top 5 tools for monitoring your web traffic.

Facebook has launched the platform's very own weather app that shows full weather broadcast on its mobile app as well as on the Facebook desktop site with this new feature reportedly being powered by 
Image result for facebook weather

The new weather feature can be accessed on Facebook app menu.

According to a Facebook spokesperson:

"We (Facebook) are doing this because our goal is to develop products that connect people to the things they care about most and create moments of joy in people's day, like simply telling you that it's going to rain later,"

The Facebook weather app provides current conditions in your local area along with basic temperature predictions and a brief atmospheric forecast.



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