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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Get 4GB Data For N1000 On Airtel ; No Data Double Charges!

Airtel subscribers can now enjoy an awesome 4GB worth of Internet data for just a cheap sum of N1000.
This new subscription tweak is preferable done on a new Airtel sims as you are by default on the Welcome To Airtel plan .
However, if you are making use of an old Airtel sim, you can still enjoy an awesome 3GB for the same sum of N1000.
To make this tweak work, you have to be informed on how to change your smartphones imei number .
However, unlike when you are making use of Glo bis plan with the use of imei change, with this airtel data tweak you have to specifically change to the imei from a Blackberry 10 device (Z10, Q10, Q5 etc).
Enough talks, let's go into the technicalities.


- A new Airtel sim (old sims would get only 3GB for 1K)
- A blackberry 10 device imei (important)
Knowledge on how to change imei number
- Your smartphone (of course)

- Buy a new Airtel sim
- Register the sim
- You are automatically on the Welcome To Airtel plan
- Load N1000 Airtel on your sim using ussd code *555*Card Pin#
- You will be credited with 1GB worth of Internet data plus bonus airtime for Airtel to Airtel calls
- Dial ussd code *556# to check data and bonus balance
- Now, dial ussd code *431# to subscribe to Airtel 3gb plan for 1k
- You will get an error message
- Ignore this message, your N1000 would be deducted and you will be accredited with 3gb worth of Internet data
- Dial *140# to check your data balance
- Now you have a total of 4gb worth of data for just 1k
- If you are making use an old Airtel sim
- Just change your imei with that of a blackberry 10 device
- Subscribe for 3gb For 1k with ussd code *431#

The awesome part about this plan is that there is not the usual double charges made on other Airtel data plans.
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