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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Facebook In Partnership With Airtel Launches Free Internet Services In Nigeria Through Initiative

Mark Zuckerberg owned social media platform, Facebook having a partnership with Airtel Africa to launched Free Basics in Nigeria.
To those unfamiliar with Free
Basic, It is Facebook’s initiative to make provision of free Internet services in developing countries.
Free Basics allows users connect to the Facebook website as well as other select websites for FREE with the use of a SIM card from a qualifying mobile operator.
Users can keep in touch with families and,
job search, keep up to date with latest and trending news, get updated on sports events as well all getting health information, all for FREE!!
Yes, these would be enjoyed without any data charge whatsoever.
Free Basics will enable users to use Facebook as well as Facebook Messenger. Users are not restricted to these alone, websites such as Wikipedia, Bing Search, BBC News, as well as other local news services can also be accessed.
Quoting Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), on from his Facebook page :

“There’s a lot of innovation across Africa right now, and Nigeria in particular is home to a lot of talented developers”.
“In 2009, Olalekan Elude, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Opeyemi Awoyemi started a site called Jobberman in their dorm to help connect people looking for work with companies looking to hire.
Now Jobberman is one of the top 100 websites in Nigeria, and it gets 5,000 applications every day. Free Basics offers Nigerians, including 90 million people who are currently offline, the opportunity to access news, health information and services like Jobberman that were built by Nigerians and other developers across West
Africa — all without having to pay for data”. Free Basics is at present live in more more than Forty (40) countries with about 50% of these countries being in mother Africa.
More will be done to connect developers with intending users of their apps as well as partnering with local companies with the objective of internet provision to people
across Africa who at present do not have access to mobile networks.
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