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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

John McAfee Allegedly Hacks Into Whatsapp'sEncrypted Messages

John McAfee, the famous developer of McAfee antivirus which is the very first commercial antivirus program made has made claims of reading an encrypted WhatsApp on an Android device alongside his programming team.
This information was passed on to Cybersecurity ventures (a research and market intelligence firm) by McAfee.
Claims made by the firm informs that the encrypted WhatsApp message exchange was between co-operating researches
located at the New York City headquarters office of LIFARS (also a cyber intelligence and digital forensics firm).
LIFARS is a firm involved in the mobile
security domain.
According to Cybersecurity Ventures, McAfee and his team developed an app which was then installed on a new Android smartphone device and then used for the "encrypted" whatsapp message exchange. This McAfee developed app allegedly allowed McAfee and his team break through the whatsapp encryption and gain access to reading the exchanged messages within 60 seconds.
However, McAfee made it quite clear in his report to Cybersecurity ventures that the encryption flaw in whatsapp encrypted messages due in a larger part to Google’s Android Operating system than to WhatsApp itself.
However, this reported flaw in whatsapp encrypted message by McAfee might very well be just a publicity move by McAfee as he has a history of making untrue statements, one of them being his alleged ability to break open the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone.
Either ways this is quite interesting.
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