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Friday, May 13, 2016

Microsoft Controversial Wi-Fi Password Sharing Feature On Windows 10 To Be Removed

Microsoft has made an announcement about the company's plans about removing the highly controversial Wi-Fi password sharing feature currently on Windows 10.
Microsoft says the Wi-Fi password sharing feature would be removed in the Windows 10 anniversary update.
The wireless password sharing feature works through Wi-Fi Sense which shares users on Windows 10's Wi-Fi passwords to their contacts on Skype, Facebook as well as their contacts on Outlook.
Wi-Fi sense password feature works only for personal and home Wi-Fi networks, ignoring enterprises' Wi-Fi connections.
Wi-Fi sense password feature ignores enterprises' Wi-Fi connections because they make use of a different and much more specialised security protocols.
Microsoft had felt the Wi-Fi sense password sharing feature is a "convenience feature", allowing users to avoid having to embarrassingly plead for Wireless passwords from friends when they visit or when they are visited.
The Wi-Fi sense password sharing feature however raised security concerns.
The fact that there was no way to control who gets access to shared Wi-Fi password also does not help matters as the only security option is to completely switch the Wi-Fi sense feature off or on.
While the security concerns is a reason for the removal of the Wi-Fi sense password share feature, it is not the only one, other reasons include :
- The underuse of the feature as not many users find the feature needful.
- The excessive cost of updates and maintenance of the Wi-Fi automatic connection mechanism.

However, Wi-Fi sense will continue to crowd source free Wi-Fi Hotspots locations and automatically connect to available Hotspots.
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