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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Opera Launches Ad-Blocker Feature For Opera PC And Android Browsers

Web browser company, Opera has made an awesome integration of an ad blocker to the Opera
browsers across platforms including Windows PCs and on mobile devices.
On mobile platforms, the ads blocker feature is currently running on Opera Mini browser for Android.
Opera said the integration of the ads blocker technology directly into the browser code will enable the new Opera for PCs increase the speed of page load time by a massive 89% in comparison to page load time without using the ad blocking feature. Opera web browser, with the new ads blocker feature is also 45% faster when compared to Google Chrome browser with third-party ad-blocking extensions installed.
Opera mini for mobile users is pretty cool as users on the platform now have an advantage of blocking online ads which in turn saves users some money on their data bills.
Using the ads blocking feature on mobile, Opera Mini users save up to 14% data.
Blocking online ads also allows the Opera Mini web browser for Android load webpages 40% faster in comparison with when the ad blocker feature is disabled.
Quoting Opera's CEO, Lars Boilesen :

“Opera is the first browser company to offer an native ad blocker across devices. We do this because we want to provide people with the fastest browsers in the market.
Our speed test shows that online ads slow down the browsing experience.
Now, with Opera, you can browse a lot
faster than, for example, in Chrome,”.
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