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Friday, June 24, 2016

BitTorrent Now Music/Video Streaming App Launched For iOS, AndroidAnd Apple TV

BitTorrent is a very popular, well used but controversial platform (essentially known as a notorious piracy brand), however BitTorrent has now launched a "legal", yes LEGAL! music and video streaming app.
The streaming app "BitTorrent Now" is available on
platforms iOs, Android and Apple TV.


"BitTorrent Now" is an extension of the BitTorrent Bundle service which started running three years back in 2013 and utilises BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer technology for promoting as well as providing independent filmmakers, musicians and other artists a legitimate channel to distribute their content.
At present, artists such as Madonna,Pixies, Linkin Park and Public Enemy are already on-board.
Back In 2014, artist Thom Yorke released his album "Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes" as the first paid Bundle at a price of $6 and got over a million ( 1 million) downloads in just a month (1 month).
This stat includes the free single and video as well as the paid
"BitTorrent Now" app is aimed at collecting content from artists that are not so well known, curate such artists and their works into a list and let the BitTorrent Now users listen or watch them without charge along with ads.
Paid contents will be also on the platform similar to "the Bundle" and artists/creators of such paid contents gets seventy percent (70%) of their revenue irrespective of fees the user pays.
"BitTorrent Now" will not incorporate the peer-to-peer technology, the app will in its inception function like any other streaming service.
This however is a temporary issue as the app is expected to recieve further upgrades, innovations and integrations over time.
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