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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Google Publishes End-of-Life Dates For Nexus Devices

Google has released the dates of End-of-Life for its Nexus devices.
This end-of-life essentially means when Google will stop pushing updates to Nexus devices.
Nexus has also had the promise of guaranteed updates from Google as its selling point, so this new development can be viewed as a kind of setback.


Google Nexus has refined its update policy with the introduction of the Nexus Security Bulletin.
This is happening after
they have initially committed to supporting new devices for up to 18 months.
Google presently posts monthly security patches to all the Nexus devices to up to 3 years or 18 months after the device is delisted from Google Play Store.
Google has also promised major Android version OTA updates for 2 years after its launch.


This new security bulletin concept pushes OEMs to support updates for their own devices.
Given that it is unclear when support would be rendered till, Google has published a list which states dates of guaranteed duration of Android version updates support.

> Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P (supported till September 2017)
> Nexus 9 (supported till end in October 2016)

Google also made inclusion of Nexus devices in order to give perspective into how they make decisions on the End-of-Life for devices.

> Nexus 5 being ( end-of-life October 2015)
> Nexus 7 ( end-of-life July 2015)
> Nexus 10 ( end-of-life November 2014)

Reported by XDA  .

However, it is important to note that the End-of-Life for devices publicized by Google means end of support through official channels alone, developers have been known to continue support to older devices i.e Nexus 4 up to the latest major Android version Marshmallow.
So, Nexus users, Google's End-of-Life dates does not necessarily translate as your device being scrap or redundant.
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