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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

iPhone 7 Launched Early!!! Errr...It Is A Clone

Apple iPhone 7 is here!!!
Yes, it really is! Well, kinda 😕
While we are jejely waiting and saving for the Apple iPhone 7, China has as usual rolled out the iPhone 7....errm a clone of the iPhone 😁 😁

Its China people, what did you expect?
This is a heads-up to Apple products enthusiasts, when the original version is finally rolled out, y'all should keep your eyes peeled and watch out for the clone because they look "almost" the same.

For an inexperienced eye, you can easily be fooled into getting the clone at the price of the original.
It is pretty amazing though, the fact apple is yet to launch the product but an OEM has already launched an "eye-pleasing" clone and it is already in sales.
The iPhone 7 clone comes in an attractive rose gold color.
I guess identifying the clone gets easier considering the clearly visible sticker at the back saying “Designed by TAIWAN Made in CHINA” 😂😂
Amusing, right?
Well, if you are impatient, you can go grab yourself an iPhone 7 clone.

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