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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Samsung Will Invest $1.2 billion In IoT ( Internet of Things ) Research In The US

South Korean electronic giants, Samsung has made an announcement of its plans of investing a whooping $1.2 billion in US-based research which will span over four years.
The research is based on “human-centered” applications for the Internet of Things ( IoT).
Samsung in an official statement informed that the research is aimed
at the improvement of applications for connected everyday objects for public safety, health as well as energy efficiency among other related ish.


Projects may also include applications to aid monitoring of elderly people with dementia, finding deficiences in bridges and roads or real time earthquakes detection.
Quoting Samsung Electronics' Vice chairman and Chief Executive, Oh-Hyun Kwon statement at the "IoT : Transforming the future" Washington post conference :

“At Samsung, we believe in thinking differently abut solving problems with IoT.
Everyday objects can be transformed into solutions.
Trucks can become mobile data collectors, making our bridges, and people, safer.
We just need the creativity to see these things from a new

Kwon made a few examples of how IoT ( Internet of Things) or connected objects can improve lives.
> For instance, a person suffering from dementia could be equipped with a device to allow family members track their location.
> Smart homes can programmed more precisely and tuned to save energy costs.
> Smartphones could be built to detect seismic vibrations in
earthquakes in time to shut down gas lines and thus potentially saving a lot of lives.

“Today, IoT is changing individual lives – helping people to age in their own homes,”
“But tomorrow, using IoT, we can give the same independence to millions of Americans. We can keep
people out of hospitals and nursing homes.” Kwon said.

Samsung had last year opened a Silicon Valley research center and according to Kwon, they employ in the region of 15,000 people in the US (United States).
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