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Saturday, June 25, 2016

YouTube Announces Mobile Live Broadcasting To Challenge Facebook Live And Periscope

When it comes to live video broadcasting, platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live are considered "the go-to" platform.
YouTube is however making a move and is throwing its hat into the mix.
Google has made
an announcement through the YouTube creator blog about live broadcasts coming to the YouTube app "soon", bragging that it will be "more reliable than anything else out there."


YouTube has since 2011 offered live streaming service for
However it lacked the hottest ♨ trending feature of direct
broadcast right from user's smartphone.
The one way users can go live to YouTube from their smartphone directly was to have one of very few smartphone brands that offers support for the feature ( e.g recent Samsung and Sony smartphones).
This new change however enables every user with the YouTube app the ability to potentially start broadcasting live to millions of viewers without any extra strings attached.
YouTube is however playing the game of "catch-up", considering Facebook Live has already shot way ahead of all rivals in the live broadcast platform (Facebook Live has recorded huge growth in a very short period).
Fingers remain crossed on how their new live broadcast feature will be welcomed by intending users.
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