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Monday, July 18, 2016

Beware!!! Pokémon Go Clone Apps Are Malicious ; Google Playstore Infested With Malicious Pokémon Go Clones


With the Pokémon Go worldwide fever, I guess it was always a matter of time before a malicious clone app makes its way into the Android sphere.
Heads up people, the "Pokémon Go Ultimate" is a malicious Pokémon Go app and it has moonwalked its way into the Google playstore and into a large
number of Android devices.

According to software security company ESET, Pokémon Go Ultimate is a first “lockscreen” app and when downloaded, installed and launched shows its true colors.
The malware runs as “PI Network” instead of the "Pokémon Go Ultimate" it pretends to be, upon running the malware app your android device gets completely frozen.
Upon the freeze, your phone gets cannot reboot unless the battery is removed (a further issue for non-removable battery devices), if you do force reboot by removing the battery from your device, the PI Network app would seem to no longer be installed.
However this is not true, the malware is still infact on your device and continuously running in the background and generating fake ad clicks.
The original "Pokémon Go" gaming app makes use of GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities of your android device hand in hand with Google Maps to place virtual creatures in real world locations.
As a gamer on Pokémon Go, you try to find these creatures using your smartphone device as a guide.
Once in proximity to the placed creature, you make use of your device’s camera to view the creature and try to capture it.
Pokémon Go Ultimate is not the only Pokémon Go clone app that is malicious,others include Pokémongo and Guide & Cheats for Pokémon Go.
So, you should beware of the Pokémon apps available on all app stores.
The original Pokémon Go app is available on Google Playstore and Apple’s App Store in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Germany and New Zealand.
The Pokémon Go app is on its way to other countries i.e Singapore, Indonesia, India and Taiwan.
The app is yet to officially find its way to Africa though, toes crossed on that.

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