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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Checkout Fashionable Vaio C15 Laptop:

When it comes to laptop computers, the likes of Apple, Sony, Samsung, HP readily comes to mind.
However over the years, the Vaio (a Sony reject) brand has also made itself household name when it comes to laptops.
Vaio rolled out the Vaio C15 and it is something quite different from what
we are used to.

Vaio C15 comes very colorful with color variants including:

> White/Copper
> Navy/Gray
> Yellow/Black
> Orange/Khaki

With Vaio C15 is intended as and is obviously quite a fashionable laptop.
The Vaio C15 comes powered by an Intel Celeron 3215U processor and packs 4GB RAM with a 15.5-inch 1366×768 display.
However, pricing is on the high, I for one will not be churning out $650 for this device considering the specifications it has on offer.
However, since it is billed as a fashionable laptop, I am sure fashionistas would go for it and to be sincere, I do love the vibrant colors on offer but as a techie, I am more interesting in high-end specifications over beauty.

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