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Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ; Settings And Hardware Button Methods

Many a time, Android users find the need to perform a factory reset of their devices.
This is due to an array of malfunctions that could befall your smartphone device such asas
your device not coming on after shutting down, your device lagging due to excess apps installed or malfunction due to installing an update etc
In such a case, factory resetting of your device becomes mandatory.

This tutorial I will be dropping is specifically meant for Samsung Note 5.
If you feel the need to factory reset your Samsung Note 5 device, this tutorial is for you.
This process involves using your device's settings menu and your device's physical buttons (when the device is switched off).

NB ⚠ : Factory resetting your device would erase all data on your device, so it is best you backup your data to cloud ☁ services or manually through backup apps (I use Titanium backup on my devices, it requires root access though).
This will completely erase your data off the phone.


It is very important to backup your data to your PC or with the Samsung or Google account linked to your device as this process will wipe all data your device.
Now that you have backed up your data, let's get into it

> Launch Samsung note 5 Settings app
> Swipe left on the heading menu.
> Select "Personal"
> Select "Backup and reset"

> Select "Factory data reset"
> Select "Reset Device"
> Select "Delete All".

There! You have successfully factory resetted your device.

Now, to the trickier position of your device not booting, you can factory reset your device using the method below :


> Make sure your device is switched off
> Hold down the {volume up button} + {the home button} + {the power button} at the same time

> Do this until the Android recovery screen comes on
> Press volume down 4 (Four) times until "wipe date/factory reset" is selected
> Press the power button once to perform this action
> Press volume down 7 (Seven) times until "Yes -- delete all user data is selected"

> Press the power button once to perform this action
> Your device will be factory resetted
> Reboot your device after data wipe action is completed

Voila, your phone is factory resetted and you can now go about restoring your previously backed up data.

Hope you have found this tutorial helpful?
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