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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Monitor Your Smartphone Addiction!! Download QualityTime Android App

We are in a generation where Internet and smartphone addiction is a norm.
Reports shows that an average individual spends
at the very least 28 days in a year and about 4 years of life staring and using a smartphone device.
That is an average person, most of us tech addicts (nerddicts) spend a lot more time ⌚ on our 📱 devices.
I know I definitely do 😁

Now, on your android device you can gauge your smartphone addiction and know how much time exactly you spend on your 📱 device and which particular app or game takes your attention and eats into your day.
QualityTime is an Android app that let's users gauge their smartphone addiction, calculating real daily time spent on their devices and also on which app time was spent.

QualityTime is quite fun, visually engaging and easy to use, all you need to do is download the QualityTime app, install and run and it does the job of calculating time spent on your smartphone device.

Download QualityTime apk HERE

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