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Friday, July 29, 2016

MTN WhatsApp Bundle Plus Psiphon Tweak To Power All Android App

Due to the economy 😕, a lot of people have been unable to pay a lot for monthly subscriptions and have had to settle for lesser platform-focused data plans i.e Facebook bundle, Whatsapp bundles, Twitter bundles e.t.c
These bundles however restrict subscribers to each of the specific platforms they have subscribed for.
I have discovered a tweak to allow you use MTN Whatsapp bundle power all apps on your Android smartphone with the use of
Psiphon handler app.

First of..
You have to subscribe to the MTN WhatsApp bundle

> Dial *662*3# and choose a suitable plan

- WhatsApp weekly @N25
- WhatsApp monthly @N60

After subscribing for the MTN WhatsApp bundle, make sure you are using MTN's default APN settings and follow the procedure below:

> Download and Install Psiphon handler app
> Launch Psiphon and set as follows
> Check ☑ Remove Port
> Proxy type: Real Host
> Proxy server: or
> Real proxy type: HTTP
> Real proxy server:
> Real proxy port: 3129
> Save settings

> Goto "Options"
> Select a region (I use United States)
> Click "More Options"
> Select "Connect through an HTTP"
> Select" Use the following settings" and set as follows

- Host address:
- Port: 8080

> Go back to Psiphon home menu and click the START button

Psiphon handler app will get connected within a few minutes (1-3 minutes) and you can enjoy your MTN WhatsApp bundle on all apps and browsers on your Android device.

Any confusion? Any questions? Comment using the comments box.

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