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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Swift 4G LTE Offers 200% Internet Data Bonus On Data Bundle Renewal And Purchase

While still holding our breaths in anticipation of MTN's 4G LTE Network Service  in Nigeria, SWIFT 4G LTE also seems to be taking the inevitably incoming competition very seriously. SWIFT 4G LTE, one of the very few telecommunications services offering 4G LTE network in the country has put up an offers of 200% Extra
Data to loyal Subscribers.
The SWIFT data bundle is essentially made for business that makes use of the Internet, though private users are not left out in the cold on this.
This offer is coming at a very strategic timing considering the imminent competition MTN would be bringing.

Getting to enjoy the SWIFT 4G LTE 200% Extra Data is simple and straightforward, as a user you just have to ;

“Renew your subscription and you’ll get 200% extra data free of charge”

However, it is important to take note of the fact that this offer is only valid until the 31st of August.

To make purchases and renewal easier, Cashless Payments is also available if you cannot go to their offices.

These are the data bundles on offer on the SWIFT 4G LTE network :

> 48GB @ N12,000,
> 65GB @ N16,000
> 100GB @ N20,000
> 125GB @ N25,000
> 150GB @ N30,000

You get 200% on each and every of the data bundle purchased or renewed.
If you have used the SWIFT 4G LTE service or any other 4G service, you will know that the speed is fuego 🔥 🔥
So, if you want dope download speeds, video streaming and other Internet services at Usian Bolt-type speed, I really recommend you go for SWIFT 4G LTE's awesome data offering.
Fingers remain crossed on what other 4G LTE services will launch in relation to this i.e the likes of Spectranet and Smile

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