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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Twitter Introduces Night Mode Toggle In New Android App Update

Twitter has updated their mobile Android app and this time around they have added a "Night mode" toggle feature to the app.
This is new feature is especially cool health wise for us who cannot do without our phones, the night 🌃 mode helps reduce eyes strain while going through your timeline and tweeting at night.

Staring at tiny black letters set against a mostly white background on a backlit screen in the dark is quite damaging to the human sight (even at low brightness levels).
But with the new night mode
feature, Twitter has reduced the health risks to your eyes.

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To enjoy this feature, you need to download the new Twitter app from playstore or Update your twitter app if you already have it installed.

Download Twitter Android App HERE

> Click on your profile
> Locate the "night mode" toggle
> Switch on/off as convenient

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I really find this very cool 😎 and helpful considering... (well, I am addicted to my smartphone 📱 😁 😁).

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