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Monday, August 8, 2016

Disney Launches Messenger App: Disney Mix For Kids

Disney has made an entry into the mobile messaging market after announcing its very own chat app: Disney Mix.
Disney Mix targets kids, pre-teens and their families 👪 and its aim is to provide a safer chat platform - since it is build-up is centered around the needs of kids.

The Disney Mix chat app is not limited to chatting alone, it also
gives users a gaming platform, an ability to make memes, share stickers and do some other cool stuffs that kids and pre-teens would definitely love.
Disney, already having more than a 10-year experience in building online communities for kids are very confident in the Disney Mix's success.

The creation of the Disney Mix app involved and was aided by feedbacks gotten from other Disney's properties such as Marvel Kids, Club Penguin among others.
Disney Mix being kids-focused, adheres to the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
COPPA enforces restrictions on how companies operating services which are kids-focused 🚸 are allowed to collect and make use of personal information.

Upon sign up on the Disney Mix app, Users are asked to agree to a series of community rules and suggests them to not give out personal information to unknown persons as well as avoiding the use of foul language and bullying.

With the app (Disney Mix) being moderated (by Disney), users can be temporarily and permanently banned from Disney Mix for a break of any of the laid down rules.

On Disney Mix, you get to set up your own personalized avatar, building your avatar to taste - giving your avatar choice facial features, choosing hairstyles, giving your avatar cool accessories and a lot more.
Users also get to add Disney accounts to their friends list such as Disney Movies, Disney Channel and Disney XD - with these accounts messaging them new videos new photos as well as other kids suitable news.
Disney Mix is rated for groups of 4 year olds upwards but it is expected to attract a lot more pre-teens.

Disney Mix messaging app is at present available for downloads for both Android and iOS.

Cool, right?

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