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Monday, August 15, 2016

DuoSkin Tech Tattoo: Electronic Gadgets-Controlling Tattoo

Tech is just awesome!
Researchers have created a temporary metallic tattoo that can be used to control your tech gadgets (PCs, Smartphones, Bluetooth headsets and other connected devices).
According to Hsin-Liu Kao of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):

“These tattoos enable anyone to create interfaces directly on their skin.”

The temporary "DuoSkin" tattoos is designed using layers of gold
leaf (these are mostly used in photo frames and chocolate decor), these layers of gold leaf acts as a conductor - connecting parts of a small, simple circuit.

According to researchers, with this new awesome piece of tech, You can create your very own durable, customised gold metal leaf temporary tattoo to be worn directly on your skin, performing several functions.

The DuoSkin Tattoos would function as an input device thus converting your skin into a track pad which allows you connect to your smartphone 📱 or PC 💻 and have direct control over these devices by swiping on the DuoSkin tattoo.

According to reports from, output devices would display information - RIGHT ON YOUR SKIN!

The DuoSkin tattoos are not limited in functions and ability and they come in different variants i.e A particular DuoSkin tatt can change colour based on your body temperature which another can be paired with an app developed by researchers called “Couple Harmony” and lets partners visualise each other’s current mood.

The third class includes a near field communication (NFC) enabled version of the tattoos that can be used as a wireless communication device which enables you communicate information such as “skin status” or movie tickets, by tapping a smartphone onto the tattoo.

Hsin-Liu Kao also mentioned that each DuoSkin tattoo can have a NFC chip, a thermochromatic layer or light emitting diode (LED) lights included.

This is cray! This is tech!!

What do you think about this?
End time tech?

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