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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Google Gmail Anti-Hack Tips: Stay Secure From Cyber Attacks

We are in a age where Cyber crimes are rampant and when we should always be on the edge when it comes to cyber security.
Hackers and cyber criminals are always fishing out unsuspecting preys and most of the time they do this by infiltrating emails.
This simple tutorial is meant to help arm you with the knowledge on how to detect a hack on your email and take precautionary security steps to avoid "stories that touches the kidney" 😁 😁 😁
I will be dealing specifically with Gmail accounts.

Let's get down to it! ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

To detect if your Gmail account has been hacked just follow the following

> Visit the Gmail homepage from your PC/Computer 💻

NB: You must do this on a PC, not a smartphone or a tablet or phablet, A PC!!

> Now go ahead and Log into your Gmail account (with your username and password, of course!)

> After Logging in, scroll down to the bottom of the on screen page

> Check out the bottom ↘ right part on your PC screen and locate “Last Account Activity”

> Click on "Last Account Activity"

> Detailed here is a list of the last Ten 🔟 (10) times your account has been logged into

> Information ℹ on the IP address of the device (PC or smartphone/tabs/phablets) as well as information on the location your account was being accessed from would displayed.

> Checkout these IP addresses and locations, if you see anything looking weird/suspicious...


This feature is however only available for Gmail accounts as other email providers are still trying to meet up to the Google Gmail - maybe Verizon would help Yahoo would turn this up.

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