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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Google Securely! Security Tips For Google Searching

Google is undisputed in its position as No 1 when is comes to information search as it is a platform that provides a response for any search term you seek across a wide range of niches.
Be it tech, news, travels, education etc.
However, you should take cognizance of the fact that Google keeps a record of
every single search you have done.
Now, most people Google search stuff on the platform for the sake of gaining knowledge or just surfing through the Internet which is cool.

However you should be careful if you search about these things that I am going to highlight below.
These searches could potentially land you in a shit creek without a paddle (in trouble).
Below are the search terms you should be careful about:


If you are looking to find a specific location, take good care not to trace such location from your address as Google keeps a record and hence your privacy might be revealed.


If you are searching on Google for any crime, criminal activities or any other criminal related records or stuff, it could land you in trouble too.
Searching such terms could you land yourself a mansion on a security watch list.
In the United States, a couple 👫 who had searched for seemingly harmless stuff "pressure cooker" and "backpack" git them subjected to a home search by the FBI.


You should "NEVER" search for or use your email address on the Google search engine.
This is because there is a chance of your password being leaked and your mail being hacked.
Or worse, your mail could be used in a scam with you being framed for it.
So, be wise!


Whenever you use the Google search engine to search for medicine related drugs, such data is transferred to a third-party.
Based on this data transfer, information ads are shown to you.
The risk continues as the medical info is also sent to criminal websites and is used in medical fraud among others.


Using the Google search engine to search for your personal insecurities allow related ads to be shown to you and exposes you to cyber bullies who now have an access to a weakness to target 🎯.
Cases of cyber bullying is rampant, so you should be careful not to give cyber bullies more ammunition.

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