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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How To Extend Premium Software Trial Period To Forever...Free!!!

Have you ever tried out what turns out to be a pretty cool system app and after the trial period you had to let go because of funds?
Have you ever wondered if you could just use a trial app for like...forever?
I have!
Most of the time I
feel like my Antivirus trial app could just go on and on and on...till forever.
So, I did a research and came up with a solution that I am going to share because it works!! 😉

We are going to employ the services of a PC tool i.e RunAsDate
With "RunAsDate" app, You get to enjoy trial period of premium softwares for life!
And yeah, FREE!!! 🆓

Sounds pretty cool, yeah?
So, let's dive into the technicalities, just follow the steps below:

> Download the needed too "RunAsDate"


> After downloading RunAsDate tool, Install it on your PC 💻
> After Installation, proceed to run that premium trial software you wish to enjoy.
Take note of the time of installation (Important)

> As soon as the given trial period lapses and you still want to continue enjoying the premium app ( — this is where "RunAsDate" tool comes in)
Instead on launching the premium trial app directly, you instead right click and select the "run as" option

> From the drop down menu, select "RunAsDate"

> Voila!!! You keep enjoying your premium app after trial period expiry date!

RunAsDate tool works by injecting the trial date into your premium software, thus giving you access to the software for as long as you wish to make use of it.

NB: Be sure to always use the "run as" option instead of direct launching of the intended premium app to continue enjoying it after trial expiry date.

Hope you have found this piece helpful.

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