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Thursday, August 18, 2016

How To Manually Install Infinix XOS Chameleon v2.0 UI On Infinix Zero 3 And Infinix Note 2 LTE

Holla, Nerddicts!
Infinix has rolled out their customized user interface i.e the XOS Chameleon v2.0 UI for both the Infinix Zero 3 as well as the Infinix Hot Note 2 LTE smartphones.

Now users of both Infinix smartphone devices mentioned above can now upgrade their device to the latest Infinix XOS UI.

The XOS comes with some awesome tech additions which includes
"3 fingers" feature. 
Using the "3 finger" feature, users can take a screenshot by simply swiping 3 fingers across their devicce's screen instead of using the dual press of both the volume and power buttons.

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are already being rolled out to bothe the Infinix Zero 3 and Note 2 LTE devices.
However, if you dont want to wait for the OTA update, you can alternately download it independently and install it through your SDcard. 


> Ensure your device is not rooted
> Check your device's built number
> Download the update according to your device's built number (Important).

For Zero 3 X552-H952-A1 (Download SDcardSP flash)
For Zero 3 X552-H952-B1 (SDcardSP flash)

Note 2 Lte X600 A1 Build: (SDcardSP flash)
Note 2 Lte X600 B1 Build: (SDcardSPflash)

How to Install Via SDcard?

Install update using OTA package or TCard package
·         Download the relevant OTA package or TCard package,
·         Extract it and place the '' to the root of your SD Card (if already extracted, rename it as '') ,

There are 2 methods of performing the manual update, and they are exp;ain ed below
·        .
> First Method:

·Settings > About phone > System update > Options > Update from local > Select '' and install it
At this point you need to do nothing. The update / upgrade process will begin.
Wait until the installation is complete so that the device would be rebooted.

> Second Method:

·  Turn off your Infinix Smartphone (and boot to recovery mode)
·   Switch off your phone.
·   Press and hold volume up button + power button
·   If you see Android bot with a danger sign
·   Press and hold power button again and press volume up button once
·   Up / Down button to select 'Apply update from SD card'
·    Scroll to where the '' file is located and select with the Power Button

At this point you need to do nothing. The update / upgrade process will begin.

Wait until the installation is complete, then your device would be rebooted into the Infinix XOS UI.

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