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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How To Root Tecno Camon C9, Get Rooted And Start Tweaking Your Device!!!

Camon C9 users have been limited in their ability to fully enjoy their device because of their inability to root the C9.
The fun of using any android is the ability to play around with its functions and tweak it.
I for one cannot do without having apps like X-posed, gravitybox, xstana and the likes installed on my device for tweaking and without rooting all these becomes impossible.
Rooting the C9 is very difficult because it runs on the most secure android OS yet i.e Marshmallow.
However, Team Hovatech haas come to the rescue with a way to root the Tecno Camon C9.
Simply follow the instructions below:

1.Absolute patience in following the steps involved
2. CWM recovery image Ported by team hovatek (download here)
3. Super (download it here)
4. Unlocking the boot-loader of Tecno Camon C9

How Can I Root Tecno Camon C9?
1. Copy the downloaded Super SU to both internal storage of your phone and SD card.
2. Extract and copy the CWM recovery.img into the same folder as the fastboot.exe and adb.exe
3. Unlock Tecno Camon C9 bootloader by following the steps here

4. Connect the phone to your PC via USB cord while switched ON and boot it into Fastboot (as instructed in the Bootloader unlock guide)
5. The moment your device enters fast boot, flash the recovery.img to the phone by typing the command below then pressing Enter fastboot 

flash recovery recovery.img

6. Reboot the phone by typing the command below then pressing Enter 

fastboot reboot

7. Boot the phone into recovery mode by switching off and using Volume up button + Power button
8. Once you enter recovery mode, use the volume button to move up and down
9. Scroll down to Install zip and select it
10. Select Choose zip from /storage/sdcard1
11. Navigate to the location of and select it
12. Select Yes – Install SuperSU to confirm flashing

Wait till the flashing is complete…

13. Return to the home screen (using the back option) then select Reboot
If CWM offers to fix some errors, select No.

Once you are done, confirm if your device has been successfully rooted by installing root checker.
That is it… let us know if you successfully rooted your Tecno Camon C9.

Credit; Team Hovatek

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