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Saturday, August 27, 2016

InterC 4G LTE Launches In Nigeria: Offers Cheap And Swift 4G Internet Services!!

The Nigerian telecommunications industry is getting real hot and competitive and that definitely bodes well to us end users and internet subscribers.
A new kid in the block is here - and comes offering the much anticipated and welcomed 4G LTE network service in the country (Nigeria).
InterC officially launched a few days ago - on the 23rd of August and judging their locations page - their operation would be based in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Kaduna at first with their services also expected to spread to Las Gidi (Lagos as well as other states).

InterC joins the likes of Spectranet, S,ile, Swift and Ntel in the provision of the 4G LTE network in the country while MTN 4G LTE Network is set to moonwalk its way into the scene.

If you do not have a 4G LTE enabled device, this is the time to get yourself one!!

Similar to the now defunct
interCellular X “hello Moto”, InterC is a revamped Intercellullar that has partnered  with Transsion Holdings (makers of Infinix, Tecno, and iTel phones), Ringo Communications as well as Yudala. 
And the good news is they offering fast internet at awesomely low prices!!

They  are offering free internet for the first month, and 25% off on the second month.

Checkout their offered bundles below:

  • InterC Lite:
1.5GB Plan for N1,400 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
4GB for N2,800 (24/7 30 Days)
2.5GB for N1,500 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)
1GB for N1,000 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)

  • InterC Savvy
7GB for N4,500 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
15GB for N7,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
25GB for N10,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
40GB for N9,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity)
25GB for N6,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days validity)

  • InterC Ultra
50GB for N17,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
75GB for N24,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
110GB for N35,000 (24/7 60 Days Validity)
75GB for N12,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity).

For additional information, checkout their site here.

The rivalry is getting hotter, I wonder when the likes of Etisalat, Airtel and Glo would join the party.

You should also checkout the 4G Enabled States/Cities In Nigeria

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