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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

LeEco Le 2S Leaked Specs: 8GB RAM, 64GB Internal Storage!

Leaked images and specifications are currently making the rounds (Weibo) about LeEco's newest smartphone device: the LeEco Le 2S.
According to rumours, the standout specifications of the coming LeEco Le 2S device is its memory - sporting a 64GB internal storage and a mind blowing

If this rumoured specification turns out to be right, the LeEco Le 2S would be the very first smartphone to sport a RAM that big (8GB).

Its nearest competition will be the Vivo XPlay 5 which carries an impressive 6GB RAM.

Samsung is also launching a 6GB RAM variant of the Galaxy Note 7, however it will only be available in the Chinese market.

Additional specifications of the LeEco Le 2S has the device reportedly being powered by a Snapdragon 821 chip - guaranteeing an Usian-bolt type performance.

Internal memory (64GB) is also likely to be expandable through the use of a SDcard.

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