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Saturday, August 27, 2016

MTN Kpalasa Promo: Change Your Old Smartphone And Enjoy 100% Data Bonus For 6 Months!!!

Telecommunications Giants MTN is changing your tech crap to tech gold!!!
With the new MTN Kpalasa promo, you get to exchange your Kpalasa device for a new smartphone and you get to enjoy a stunning 6 months 100% bonus data on any recharge!!!

You still dont understand?
Lemme break it down...
MTN is giving YOU...yes, you! an opportunity to exchange your Kpalasa...that Kpalasa (mobile device) that does not receive system update, that Kpalasa that has been on the outdated Kitkat for a very long time, that Kpalasa that you keep together with bandage, superglue and rubber band, that Kpalasa that you support its battery with old newspaper.

You get the Kpalasa (mobile device) MTN is talking about now, don't you?

Like I mentioned, MTN in exchange for
your Kpalasa would give you 6 months 100% bonus data on any recharge.
In other words, upgrade to a new smartphone today and enjoy double on any MTN DATA BUNDLE subscription for six months. This means you can enjoy as much as 7GB for N2000 for 6 months.

FAQs On MTN Kpalasa

How Can I Partake of This offer?

1. Buy a new Smartphone phone from any store in Nigeria or existing smart phone owners can also; 
Insert a registered MTN SIM
- Wait for a notification of the bonus offer
2. Simply dial *131# to activate your preferred bundle plan and you will get double the data. 

Dual SIM phones, and if both SIM slots are 3G enabled, you can still enjoy the offer irrespective of the SIM slot used.

But if both SIM slots are not 3G/4G enabled, you will not be able to use.
Offer is only available for SIM slots that are 3G/4G enabled.

This definetely a cool incentive for changing your Kpalasa phone.

Etisalat also has a similar Promo going on: CHECKOUT HERE

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