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Monday, August 1, 2016

Namibian Teen Invents Phone Box With TV Functions, Calls Without Airtime!!

In what has turned out to be a viral innovation, A Namibian 12th Grader has invented a SIM-free box telephone.
Simon Petrus of Abraham Iyambo Senior Secondary School in Namibia created the communication device that makes free calls as well as view a Television 📺 channel.

The device which is yet to be given a name was built with the use of
electronic parts from a television set and a phone.
The Petrus-box as I have chosen to call it features a fan, a 💡 light bulb as well as a charger socket.
The Petrus-box is supplied with power from a radiator and like army radio communicator devices, it makes calls to anywhere through the use of radio frequencies.
Made up of a radio system attached to a box, the Petrus-box is able to watch the NBC1 TV channel - further improvement could increase viewable channels.

Inventor Simon Petrus has previously won a national gold medal last year when he invented a 2 in 1 machine that has a dual functionality of a seed drier as well as a cooler.
Petrus has been working on the Petrus-box for the 2 years now with the project sponsored by his parents.
He hopes further improvements will be made to his phone box.
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