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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rio Olympics: Stream The Olympics Live!

Have you been missing out on this summer's RIO Olympic 2016?
Like seriously?
Jeez! The Rio Olympics is the hottest sporting event right now!
Amazing athletes like Britain's Mo Farah and Jamaica's Usian Bolt have been dishing out sizzling performances .
Nigeria's U-23 also qualified for the semi finals of the male football competition (Nigeria v Germany Tonight).
And you have been missing out on these?

If for some reason, you are away from home or do not have cable TV, no worries 
You can still get to enjoy the Rio Olympics right from your smartphone device.

Simp;e download the free BBC iPlayer app on your smartphone device and live stream BBC One or BBC Four live (dedicated channels to the Rio Olympics).

You could also catch up on a wide range of on-demand highlights that you have missed as the BBC iPlayer has those in storage too!

However, if you do not reside in the US, You would be needing a VPN service to stream uninterruptedly. 
If you are an Android user, I recommend the Cloud VPN app It works well and it is Free of charge. 

If you are an iOS user there is a large range of available VPN services available on the apple store i.eSurf VPN, Avast VPN etc, Simply download any.

Downloading BBC iPlayer:

> iOS Users: download BBC iPlayer here
> Android Users: download BBC iPlayer here
> Windows Users: download it here

Alternatively,just visit the BBC iPlayer website on your PC, Mac or laptop: just click here

Do you think the Nigeria U-23 male team has a chance to go for gold against Germany tonight? comment using the comments box

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