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Saturday, September 24, 2016

16 Apple iPhone Cons For Android Fanboys: Why You Are Better Off With An Android

So, Apple has launched the much anticipated iPhone 7 and as usual it is met with a lot of fanfare amongst the Apple fanboys.
However, while em Apple fanboys have chosen to only see the awesome side (well, it is a cool device) of the iPhone 7, I would be highlighting 16 cons the iPhone 7 has (Android fanboys, you are welcome, lol)


  1. The iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm audio jack (ships with a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter).
  2. Memory is not expandable with a microSD as no such slot is available
  3. The iPhone 7 does not have dual-camera (only the iPhone 7 Plus does)
  4. NFC functionality is limited to Apple Pay.
  5. Does not have "fast charge" feature (with the epileptic nature of NGR's electricity, fast charge is BAE)
  6. No wireless charging
  7. Does not have "reverse charging" feature (because...USB Type C)
  8. Ridiculous 1,960mAh Battery Capacity (C'mon)
  9. No IR port
  10. No FM radio
  11. No user-replaceable battery (we know this is uncool, right?)
  12. The iPhone 7 is prone to scratch
  13. The iPhone 7 hisses like a snake (HissGate) when performing strenuous tasks (synchronization).
  14. The iPhone 7 has a poor resolutionof just 750-pixel.
  15. Earpods cost an arm and a leg and can get lost, stolen, damaged in the twinkle of an eye
  16. The iPhone 7's price packs a Floyd Mayweather type punch to your wallet (N500,000 thereabouts)
All these said, the iPhone 7 still remains a cool device (just not meant for us Android fanboys)
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