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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Globacom New Data Bundles: More Data For Same Price!!!

Globacom are quite determined to keep hold of the "best data bundle" bragging rights!!

Not too long ago they dropped their delicious Glo-licious data bundles which blew our minds away and blew rival telecoms data bundles right out of the water.

Like that is not enough, Glo are back at it!!!

This time around they have increased what is an already dope data bundles...AND FOR THE SAME PRICES!!!

Now you can get a stunning
3.2GB for N1000, 7.5GB for N2000 and...

Just checkout the screenshots below:

To enjoy these cool data offering:

  • Simply dial *777# 
  • Respond with 1 for "Data services"
  • 1 again for "Buy data"
  • 2 for "Monthly plans"
  • Then choose any of the bundles that suits your pocket!!!

This is clearly a much needed boost for internet users in this recession, only issue with Glo is their epileptic network in some locations in the country.

Hopefully they fix that and truly get crowned "KING OF DATA BUNDLES"

What do you think?

Cool or not?
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