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Thursday, September 1, 2016

InterC 4G LTE Speed Test: Usain Bolt Mode Activated!!!

A few days ago, yours truly posted on the newest entry into the Nigeria 4G LTE market - InterC 4G LTE.

Today I will be sharing a review on a speed test run by  Mr Faisal

InterC Sim card at present is being sold @ N1,500 and it comes loaded with 1.5GB internet data. 
Essentially, you are acquiring the InterC 4G LTE.SIM for just N100 - since their 1.5GB bundle is being sold for N1,400 and valid for 30 days. 

Now, lets delve into the speed test proper.
With just 2 network bars as shown in the screenshot using "Speedtest android app" below, Mr Faisal was able to get 7MBPs download speed and 6MBPs upload speed. 

If you are in Abuja, Port-Harcourt or Kaduna, I strongly suggest suggest you head to InterC offices and get your own SIM to enjoy this very dope internet speed.

Checkout their available internet bundles >>> InterC Internet Bundles


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