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Friday, September 23, 2016

LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Sees Cool Changes And Edu-Innovation

No 1 social site for connecting working professionals LinkedIn has brought in some cool changes and innovations to the platform.
LinkedIn has launched a new site: "LinkedIn Learning" which is an e-learning portal tailored but not limited to individuals considering it also caters to businesses looking to train employees. 
LinkedIn Learning offers about 9000 courses with Lynda seeming to be the major content.
Lynda (the online education site) had been
last year acquired by LinkedIn.
Excerpts from a statement released by LinkedIn in a blogpost:
“With more than 450 million member profiles and billions of engagements, we have a unique view of how jobs, industries, organizations and skills evolve over time. 
From this, we can identify the skills you need and deliver expert-led courses to help you obtain those skills. We’re taking the guesswork out of learning,” 
Subjects offered on LinkedIn learning includes business, technology as well as creative topics such as programming, writing, accounting etc. desktop site also got a cool revamp, with smarter content newsfeed, a refreshed UI experience and as expected – chatbots to the messaging service being integrated. 
NB: These changes are expected to go live in the coming months.
Quotes from TheTechPortal below:
“LinkedIn is also betting big on AI and bringing on virtual assistants to your conversation(a little bit like Google Assistant in Allo). 
But instead of helping you search jobs, the bot will be focused on ‘suggested content’ delivery right into the messaging experience. 
For example, if you’re conversing with an investor who wants to schedule a meeting, then the bot can pop-up, sync with your Google calendar and schedule the meet for you,” 
LinkedIn earlier this year was acquired by Microsoft for a mind blowing $26.2 "cash" payment in a calculated risky bid to turn around Microsoft's fortune.
Toes crossed on how that works out.
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