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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NAIRABOT: Awesome Nigeria Exchange Rate Facebook Messenger Chat Bot That Works!!!!

I, very recently read a post on which talked about the top African countries having the best programmers - Nigeria being one of the very top countries listed.

And it isn't hard to see why!

Yesterday, I read a Jason Njoku article: "rise of bots"

The piece was about 23 year old Fowotade “Jihdeh” Babajide - a yaba based developer who built a Facebook Messenger bot i.e Nairabot
Nairabot allows users query - and respond to such queries - for each day’s parallel exchange rates.

Nairabot gives market-driven parallel exchange rates (not the usual CBN cock and bull exchange rates).
 I am talking about prices you get at Bureau de Change offices (Sabo Aboki/mallams and the likes).

Nairabot works!
With Nairabot, you get swift info on Nigeria foreign exchange rates just by dending a message (using certain commands) your Facebook Messenger.

Commands you can use are:

=> rates (to get parallel market rates)
=> convert 100 usd (to convert 100 dollars to naira by default) or
=> convert 100 dollars or 
=> convert 100 pounds to naira

=> wu (to get western union rates) or
=> westy (same as wu above)
=> wu convert 1000 euros (to convert western union 1000 euros to naira) or
=> wu convert 100 pounds to naira(to convert 100 pounds to naira at western union rates)

=> cbn rates(to get cbn exchange rates)

If you deal in foreign exchange, Nairabot should be your Faceebook P.A/bestie - as it delivers! 

And accurately too!!

Nairabot however does not recognize any gratitude command, we are grateful regardless!!

And big ups to its developer Fowotade Babajide

.You can check out Nairabot here
tech nexus
Let us know what you think!

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