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Monday, September 5, 2016

Smartphone Apps Accounts For 50% Of Online Users Activities - comScore

According to a report, internet users in the United States spend a massive 50% of their online time on smartphone apps - and it rises to a stunning 60% if tablet apps are taken into consideration.
Quoting  the report by the US-based analytics company comScore
“The results are a testament to
people’s increasing reliance on native mobile applications to deliver us the information we need, as well as the entertainment and distractions we crave — things we used to turn to the web for, in previous years,” 
The use of smartphone applications app has over the years grown due to the omnipresence of smartphones - which includes all large screen devices - and additional factors such as faster mobile internet speeds.
 “In addition, the app stores have grown to house millions of downloads — so there is an app for just about anything you need,”.
comScore,s report also highlights the most popular apps i.e  the list of top apps by unique visitors.
The list is dominated by the big players in tech: Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play, Gmail, Pandora, Instagram, Amazon mobile, Apple Music, Apple Maps, Pokemon Go, Snapchat and Pinterest.
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