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Monday, September 26, 2016

Snapchat Rebrands As Snap Inc, Launches "Spectacles" Camera

Snapchat has rebranded itself as Snap Inc. 
While Snap Inc multi-media based social network app still retains its name: Snapchat, the rebrand move was made and announced in a bid to differentiate the company from its products. Snapchat.

Snap Inc meanwhile has also announced a new wearable gadget: "spectacles". 
Spectacles are essentially sunglasses but they are integrated with cameras and a button used to "snap" and
capture Memories.
Spectacles takes circular videos from user's point of view. 
Videos can be viewed in either horizontally or vertically.
Captured videos play on without rotation according to the orientation of the phone (users have to option of also viewing captured videos diagonally if it suits them).
The "spectacles" featured button can be tapped to take a 10 second video which is then instantly transmitted wirelessly to Snapchat, where it appears as a Memory. 
Snap Inc spectacles are charged in their charging case and upon a single full charge can be powered and used for 24 hours. 
Snap Inc brags the "Spectacles" makes use of one of the smallest wireless video cameras worldwide.
When Snaps are being taken with "spectacles", a LED light ring glows to indicate a video recording process.
 "Spectacles" camera has a 115 degree field vision and are made available in various colors: black, blue and red (with highlights in the iconic Snapchat yellow).
"Spectacles" works only with Snapchat and Snap Inc has made indications (Snap Inc had previously joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group which maintains the wireless bluetooth standard) they plan on developing and rolling out more products with speculations their next product being an augumented reality headset. 

Snapchat had indicated its intentions of getting into hardware when it joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, an industry body that maintains the wireless Bluetooth standard. There were speculations that Snapchat would be creating an Augmented Reality Headset.
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