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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

WTF: See MTN's 4G LTE Service Data Ridiculous Price Rates!!!

Telecom gaints, MTN has semi-launched their long awaited 4G LTE service but it comes at a ridiculously crazy HIGH cost.
Ntel, offers their monthly unlimited 4G LTE service (without speed throttling) for a cool N10,000 and even newcomers InterC offers some cool data rates and swift 4G LTE speed.
MTN 4G LTE service which is supposed to be the big bros in the telecom scene offer their 4G monthly unlimited plan for a frankly crazy
Like seriously?!
Below are the other available MTN 4G LTE plans:
100MB @ N500
150MB  @ N449
200MB @ N1000
42GB (12 months) @ N66,499.
MTN 4G data plans
To access the MTN 4G LTE data offer menu, dial *444# 
Of course, MTN covers more area than Ntel or InterC  but these prices are sickening.
You should also note that  MTN’s 4G LTE service has not fully functional yet - its availability is at present restricted to Visafone lines that have migrated to MTN. 
That said, maybe - just maybe these sky high prices will be revamped when the MTN 4G LTE service is fully functional.
What do you guys think?

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