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Saturday, October 1, 2016

ALERT: Beware Of "Free Internet For Everyone (IFE) Project" Whatsapp Hoax/Scam

Whatsapp over the years has been a platform where hoax, rumours and scam messages pops up considering it is a very popular messaging platform, it is understandable that scammers, hoax mongers and malware developers make use of the platform to prey on the ignorant.

Of recent, the latest hoax/malware being peddled on whatsap is "WhatsApp Gold Edition" which is a malware that steals user information.

Image result for whatsapp scam image

The newest hoax/scam/malware making the waves now is "Free Internet For Everyone (IFE) Project" which promises people an awesomely enticing 18GB of free 4G internet data from their service providers and make claims that it is an official Google project.

I urge you not to click any such link as it is a hoax/scam/malware.

Clicking the link leads you to download some apps (malware) and clicking on various advertisements which ends with you having to further spread the hoax/scam/malware to friends and loved ones.

If you take a critical look at the link provided ‘’ you will see the url spells ‘’, but looking at it more critically, you will notice the fraudsters are simply tricking you with fonts.

The ‘l’ in ‘google’ is actually an ‘i’ and it will take you to the url ‘’. The link looks authentic to an ignorant user. Also do note that the actual url for Google’s Play Store reads ‘’ and not ‘’.

If you click on the link (Nerddict strongly advises you not to), it takes you to a website which reads the same information about the free data and free internet project. 

The website also prompts you to download an app from there. The app is probably a tweaked or altered version of ‘FreeCharge’, which is cleverly renamed to ‘Internet_Project_App.apk’, which is most likely adware or malware. 

Proceeding further, sees you getting a congratulatory message saying your mobile number is selected for the free 18GB data and it is valid for one year. 

Subsequently, you will be asked to enter your mobile number to complete the offer, which takes you to another page stating that you have to share the app or message to 10 more people on WhatsApp
(effortlessly turning the scam Hydra-like).

The message also insists you install two more apps after which you are to get the free recharge on your data plan. These additional apps are also malware and adware which puts your privacy at stake.

I strongly implore you to ignore this message and other similar messages (Nerddict cares)

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