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Monday, October 17, 2016

BLAZING: Get FREE 5GB Internet Data On Airtel!!!

Holla Nerddicts!!!
It has been a while since a valid data tweak has materialized (most tweaks involves VPN apps such as Psiphon, Tweakware etc).
However, with this new tweak which does not involve the use of a VPN app or alien settings, you get a whooping 5GB of data (valid for 30 days) on your Airtel line!!!
Enough stories, lets get down to biz!!
Image result for airtel image


  • A registered Airtel sim
  • A Rooted Android device
  • Imei Analyzer apk
  • MTK Engineering apk
  • A little part of your brain (lol)


  • Using Imei analyzer, tweak this Imei ==> 861143032390649 (change the last 4 or 5 digits)
  • After successful tweaking the Imei and changing your device's imei, text the newly tweaked imei to 232 i.e text S861143032390649 to 232
  • After texting the Imei texting the IMei number, you will get a response text reading "your phone is not provisionable"
  • Subsequently, text JOIN to 141
  • Voila, you would get a gift off 5GB internet data
  • To check your bundle balance, simply dial *140#
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And comment if this works for you or not.
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