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Friday, October 7, 2016

Facebook Users Sell Weeds, Guns And Sex Services On Facebook Marketplace: Violates Facebook Policies!!!

Facebook a few days back officially launched "Facebook Marketplace": An online buy and sell hub.

Facebook users can place ads for products or services they intend selling and intending buyers of said products or services get in contact with the seller and they hash out terms (price, payment etc).

Like the old saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", Facebook's intent of creating a buy/sell hub has taken a "unsavory turn" as Facebook users reportedly put up weeds, guns and sexual services for sale (despite it being against Facebook’s policies).

Image result for facebook marketplace weed sales

Facebook director of product management, Mary Ku has
- on the issue - said that a technical issue prevented Facebook’s reviewing system from identifying community standards and commerce policy "violating" ads.
Mary Ku also stated that the issue caused “certain posts with content that violated our policies” to be visible to users.
 Facebook are however "working to fix the problem and will be closely monitoring our systems to ensure we are properly identifying and removing violations before giving more people access to Marketplace.”
Here's to hoping Facebook swiftly plugs this loophole and prevent an early disaster to what promises to be an awesome online marketing hub. 
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