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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Glo 4G LTE Service Officially Live As Globacom Joins The "4G LTE Gang"!!!

I recently posted on Etisalat 4G LTE services rollout being imminent with other rival telecom companies being expected to follow the 4G trend,

Barely 24 hours later and Nigeria telecommunication company Globacom officially announces their live 4G LTE service!

Image result for glo office

Globacom's way of doing their business is admirable when compared to MTN and the noise and hype associated with their 4G LTE service rollout, prices and related news (In Adekunle's voice "Ariwo ko ni music")

Globacom's 4G LTE services is expected to have nationwide coverage (over time) but at present it is live in 9 major cities in the country (NGR), to checkout if your city is listed, simply dial *777# or checkout the screenshot below:

Globacom has finally joined the "4G LTE gang"!!!

And compared to MTN 4G LTE data bundle ridiculous prices, Glo's 4G LTE data bundle offerings are heavenly!!! checkout Glo's 4G LTE data bundles below (can be assessed by the *777# ussd code):

Now you cannot argue the awesomeness of the above bundles or Glo in general when you put MTN in comparison.

Globacom are truly rocking!!! and I am sure rival telecom companies will step up to avoid a monopoly (they have to).

I am looking at Airtel like "what are you guys waiting for"?

If you dont already have a 4G LTE supported smartphone, now is the time to get an upgrade.

Is your city Glo 4G LTE supported?

What do you think of Glo 4G services?

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