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Saturday, October 29, 2016

How To Activate MTN Magic SIM For Unlimited Browsing & Downloads!!!

The MTN Magic SIM data tweak was one of the best internet data tweaks EVER!
For those who rocked it (for over 10 months) can testify to the awesomeness of MTN magic SIM tweak.

mtn magic sim

However, MTN eventually block it by putting a crunching halt to the "MTN 2 hour internet plan" (which cost N250) which was the backdoor to activating the MTN magic SIM for unlimited browsing.

However, a new loophole has been discovered which allows for activating a new batch of MTN magic SIMs.
This new loophole costs a lot less that the previous "MTN 2H" plan, costing just N100.

Disclaimer: This procedure has a 1 in 4 chance of working, if you feel you cannot afford to lose N100, please do not proceed.

If you have the "No risk, no reward" mentality, then let's get down!

NB: It is better to use a new and registered MTN SIM for this tweak (old SIMs tend to browse slowly).

  • Buy and register a new MTN SIM (preferable)
  • Transfer N100 airtime to the SIM (do not recharge)
  • Subscribe for MTN daily data bundle (dial ussd code *104#)
  • Browse the internet for 10 minutes (use GPRS or EDGE, not 3/4G)
  • Do not download during this period
  • After mild surfing of the internet for 10 minutes, eject the SIM from your device
  • Hibernate the SIM for 24 hours (keep it out of any device)
  • After the 24 hour hibernation period has lapsed, reinsert the SIM into your smartphone device 
  • Browse and download unlimitedly.
NB: At some point, you would get a "subscription has expired" message from MTN, ignore this and continue enjoying your unlimited browsing/downloads.

This tweak has been tested and works on both MTN iPulse and MTN TruTalk plans.

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