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Thursday, October 20, 2016

How To Check Supported 4G Network Bands Of An Android Device

It is  no longer news that 4G LTE services is the trending telecom ish going on in the country (NGR), with almost all telecom companies in the country joining the 4G LTE gang.
Quite recently, SMILE launched a 4G SIM (0702smile) for their customers (in a bid to compete with other 4G service rendering telcos).
Image result for 4g images


With the latest emergence of the 4G LTE Services, it is imperative that smartphone users get a 4G supported device (if they do not already have one).

It is also important smartphone users know the 4G bands their Android device supports before choosing to switch to a 4G network.

The emergence of 4G LTE services has necessitated the checking of "4g band" of a smartphone before purchasing as each telcos ISPs have different bands that they support or do not support e.g 
MTN 4G LTE works fine on Apple iPhone 6 but same cannot be said of  NTEL 4G LTE.
Similarly, NTEL 4G LTE works perfectly on Tecno Camon C9 but the same cannot be said for Glo 4G LTE.
These examples simply buttresses the fact that knowing a device's 4G band is very important before switching to any of the 4G supported telcos. This brings us to the main reason for writing this piece.


To identify the 4G bands your android smartphone supports, simply follow the procedure below.
  • Download and install MTK engineering Tool
  • Upon launching the app, tap on MTK settings > BandMode > Select SIM.
  • There, you’d see all the available GSM bands, UMTS bands as well as the LTE (4G) bands.
By default, you’d see some ticked bands outlined in White colors while others are in grey as shown in the image below:
4G bands an android phone supports
The ticked bands highlighted in white are those your android smartphone supports. If you attempt to use any of the telcos 4G SIMs that do not support any of the highlighted bands, then you will not be able to enjoy that particular telecom's 4G LTE services on your 4G enabled android smartphone.
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