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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Norton Reports A Stunning 2400% Rise In Kim Kardashian Related Online Spam And Scams

Norton (Cyber security firm) has recorded a mind-boggling 2400% (WTF?!!) increase in Kardashian related spam and scams.
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Trust cyber criminals to take advantage of the massive public
interest met with the disturbing news and thus capitalized on the trending news to lure internet users into clicking seemingly related links or attachments.
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Quoting Norton's statement:
“They made use of social engineering tactic under which they targeted people by hooking them with emotional messages,” 
The cyber attackers make use of posted sensational/emotional/ breaking news stories or at instances making up juicy news stories to lure internet users into clicking on links/attachments.
About 100 different subject-line variations were seen in spam messages alone associated with Kardashian’s name, including “Breaking News” and “Photos of” in the subject line with a large bulk of these messages tracked by Norton being in German, French and of course English.
Norton also illuminated ways internet users can identify such bogus links, imploring internet to be skeptical.
“Just because you see it on your feed does not necessarily mean it is true. Sometimes, your friends may have fallen victim to the scam and are not aware of it; scammers using click-jacking could have hijacked their account. Always check the link before clicking,”

The best/safest way of getting valid and honest news of happenings/events remains the use of a search engine (e,g google, e.t.c) which will give a listing of safe related events/stories link.
Norton also implored internet users to desist from opening e-mails or clicking on unidentified attachments while also imploring internet users to report suspicious activities/content to the social media platform or your e-mail service provider.
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