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Thursday, October 20, 2016

See Goreltex CTG-ST Specs & Features: Explosion Proof, Water Proof, 2,500mAh Battery

Samsung woes with the "explosive" Samsung Note 7 has been well documented with the company offering to swap the Note 7 to any other Samsung device which has lead to Samsung already recording a stunning financial loss.
The Apple iPhone 7 flagships has also recorded incidents of explosions (though not as pronounced as Samsung's).
In a marketing move that seems to ride on the "explosions" trend, a Russian company, Goreltex has announced what they call an “explosion proof phone”. 
Goreltex CTG-ST
Goreltex specializes in explosion-proof electrical equipment: control cabinets, control panels, circuit breakers, and
occasionally, mobile phones.
The new purported “explosion proof phone” is the Goreltex CTG-ST.


The Goreltek CTG-ST mobile phone is disappointingly not a smartphone but a feature phone.
The device is a 2.2-inch screen (240 x 320 resolution) mobile device powered by MediaTek MT6260A chip. The device features a meager 1MB (are you kidding me?) internal memory, though it expandable with the use of a microSD card. 
The Goreltek CTG-ST features a 0.3 MP camera an a quite impressive 2500mAh battery (this is not a smartphone, remember?).
The CTG-ST is said to be able to survive drops from as high as 5 feet as well as being IP67 certified (water proof). 
Specs wise the CTG-ST does not blow the mind away but for a feature phone carries some pretty impressive features
  • 2,500mAh battery
  • Explosion proof
  • Ruggedity
  • IP67 certified (water proof)
At the point of this publication, there is no information on the Goreltek CTG-ST pricing but I expect it to tickle your wallet.
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