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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top 10 Bizarre Websites (The Hilarious, The Weird & The Silly)!!!

For publishers, choosing a an optimal domain name is quite important when building either a website or blog.
Choosing a short, memorable and content related domain name goes a long way in boosting your blog/website traffic.
There are some rules that governs domain choosing, the best of which are:
Image result for world wide web image
  • Make your domain name brandable
  • Make it pronounceable
  • Make it as short as possible (the shorter, the better)
  • Have a bais to .com over .org, .tk and the likes
  • Avoid names that infringe on another organization's existing trademark
  • Make the domain name instantly intuitive
  • Use but do not stress keyword inclusion
  • If your choice domain name is unavailable, slightly modify
Read more about the above list HERE

Over the years of surfing the internet, I have however come across some pretty weird (and sometimes downright funny domain names).

The World wide web is akin to an enormous wilderness - with the internet hitting a stunning 334.6 million registered domains - where waste meets treasure.
It is up to internet surfers to decide which websites suits them.
There are websites for educational purposes, religous purposes, marketing purposes and of course there are other websites/domains that shroud a darker/evil side.
Today, I will be listing a list of top 10 weird (hilarious) domain names/websites I have come across.

Some of the sites in this list are frankly bizarre, some are simply hilarious and make you ROTFLMAO, while others might make you scrutinize your rational soundness. 

Shall we go on a ride then?


Stuffs going on here are just plain weird/silly (depending on how you look at it).
For a gift of $5 every statement (with a five-saying least), the fellows responsible for this site will have telegrams conveyed to individuals who have passed away. 
This is obviously finished with the assistance of in critical condition,
Volunteers who retain the telegrams before passing ceaselessly, and afterward convey the telegrams after they have passed and this is the way the site wound up with the name “afterlife telegram.” 


As per their own announcement, the SCP Establishment works stealthily and around the world, past ward, engaged and endowed by every significant national government with the errand of containing abnormal items, elements, and phenomena.
These peculiarities represent a noteworthy danger to worldwide security by debilitating either physical or mental damage to humanity. 
Due to the feature we are giving the second position to this in weird websites listed.


A man who sounds like Shaka Zulu or a shaman invites you to the site more than once or, to be more precise, he invites you constant and consoles you that it will be an alternate favored day for you and you will have the capacity to attain to each objective you’ve set just on the grounds that you’re great.
So in case you’re searching for inspiration and your favorite voices with overwhelming African stresses, this is the site for you to begin your free day. So Zombo is in the third position in weird websites list.


Haneke is just simply bizarre but appreciable to eccentric, queer or downright lazy individuals.
Just check out the sight.


How did anyone normal come up with a domain such as this?
Need I say more?
This website was simply built to affirm your PC is on (like WTF?!)
If my PC isnt on, how would I visit the site? The concept for building this website is weird right? 
How about they just let the site help us figure if our PC is truly off? That would be outlandish, wouldnt it? (LMAO)


This farce site of the first Mensa club of individuals with essentially high IQs is the advanced paradise for every one of those individuals who take pride in their absence of smarts and learned the ability.
In this way, on the off chance that you see yourself as sufficiently unintelligent to join the interplanetary society for the moronic who are additionally pleased with their low IQs, you should simply join this club. So monkey org also the best website and seventh position best for this in weird websites list.


This site is quite clear about its purpose, it simply answers the question "is it chrismas yet?" to which it answers a resounding NO!!!
Unless, of course you visit on the 25th of december!
While you may think the reasoning behind the site is just plain stupid, I find it to be quite perfect for anybody suffering from Alzheimer.


This is the kind of site that any student who’s searching for a decent reason not to head off to college ought to visit.
Truly, in case you’re the sort of nerd who abhors clubs, young ladies, and brandishes and is always searching for a definitive test in math, astronomy, linguistic use, or even rational soundness, then you will basically likely add this unusual site to your Top picks list.


In case you’re not the patient sort then we would encourage you to never visit this site on the grounds that it will do to you precisely what it was intended for: piss you off to the point where you need to toss your smartphone out the window of your fifth-floor flat.
Besides, regardless of the fact that you’re the patient sort yet have a moderate association your nerves and serenity will be truly tested as you will sit tight for just about a century and a day until this page completely stacks.

There we go!
Is there any weird website you know of that didnt make the list?
Kindly add them using the comments box.
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Let us know what you think!

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