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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Top 10 Uses Of The OTG Cable: Enjoy Awesome On-The-Go Functions

When it comes to smartphone device integrated technology, the USB OTG is definitely one of the coolest and over time, one of the most important inventions.

The USB OTG (On-The-Go) feature is enables two devices communicate, thus extending said device’s functionality. 

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Most of the time users of OTG basically use the feature for data transfer between their devices and an external storage unit, but the functions of OTG extends beyond that.

I will be listing 10 cool uses of the OTG cable in this write-up

1. Connecting As A Game Controller:

With an OTG cable, smartphone users can connect a Game Controller to their devices to get a better gaming experience (e.g with PPSSPP games). 
Most Android games support the use of an external gamepad and one awesome way of taking advantage of this is to connect an external game controller to your device qith an OTG cable.

2. Charging Your Android Smartphone With Another Device:

This could be one of the most loved uses of an OTG cable (most especially when power is epileptic)  by smartphone users. simply connect both smartphones using an OTG cable, one phone acts as the USB host and would charge the other device. 

3. Connect A Potable Hard Drive:

This is the most used feature of the OTG cable (data transfer).
Simply plug the external storage drive (thumbdrive, harddisk etc) into the secondary port of the cable,  its contents will be displayed on your smartphone and you can subsequently transfer data back and forth between both devices.

4. Connect To A Camera:

This is a cool feature of the OTG for Photographers, you can connect your camera to your smartphone with the OTG cable to transfer saved pictures to your smartphone thus clearing memory space on your camera for more pictures taking.

5. Connect To LAN Cable:

This is especially helpful when you have a Broadband connection but have no Wi-Fi router. 
Simply go get a LAN to USB controller and connect it as shown in the image above and Voila! you can make use of your broadband internet on your smartphone directly.

6. Connect A Sound Card Or Microphone:

When your smartphone’s inbuilt mic is insufficient, a real microphone can be connected to deliver a high-quality recording. You can also connect a sound card to your Android phone with the help of an OTG cable. 
In a case whereby your audio jack is not functioning, you can connect the sound card with a OTG cable and enjoy your music.

7. USB Keyboard:

Typing on your smartphone could be tiring considering the small screen, using an OTG cable, users can connect a keyboard to their smartphones and configure it using Android’s built-in settings for external controllers. 

8. USB Mouse:

If your smartphone device has calibration issues, you can work your way around by connecting a USB mouse to your device guessed right, an OTG cable.

9. USB Fan:

There are time when your smartphone device gets hot when being used heavily, you can on such occasion cool down your device by connecting a USB fan to your smartphone using (of course) an OTG cable.

10. Connect USB Light:

otg-lampThe OTG cable can also be used to connect a USB LED lamp for lightening purposes in case of a blackout, photoshoot etc.
These are 10 cool uses of the OTG feature, which of them have you made use of?
Is there any I have not listed?
Pls add such using the comments box below.
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