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Friday, October 7, 2016

VIDEO: Nigerian Developer ChopUp Develops "Monkey Post" Football Game

Nigerians are really going in when it comes to game building.
Nigerian based mobile game developer, ChopUp has rolled out a video teaser of their newly developed game :Monkey Post (a street football themed game).
Monkey post

Monkey Post is based on the Nigerian street soccer game (guys can relate)
Monkey Post is a football game without any set rules  (no official set number of players and decisions are made on the spot - all dependent on players' agreement).
ChopUp’s Monkey Post starts the gamer off with a newbie team and allows the player to customize the team name, logo, jersey etc. 
As a gamer, you can subsequently upgrade each team’s skills as they progress in the game. 
Gamers can earn ChopUp coins, upgrade their players, build their teams and take on the best teams to rank high on the leader board.


  • A great user interface and user experience with realistic arcade sounds
  • 4 player levels, where each level determines quality and strength of player’s team.
  • League mode with 4 leagues (Local, State, Continental, and international)
  • Tournament mode with 9 tournament matches per player level
  • Leader board that shows players street credibility and position alongside other players in the game.
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