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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Whatsapp Video Call Feature Now Live In A Development That Deals Google Duo An Uppercut: Download Beta version HERE!!!

Google Duo came with a lot of fanfare with the expectancy being that its arrival will hurt Whatsapp. The Duo even came with the one feature Whatsapp didn't have i.e Video calls, giving the Google Duo an edge over Whatsapp.

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Well, Whatsapp are have non of the "close rival" thingy! Whatsapp are quite keen on remaining the boss of instant messaging.

The latest Whatsapp update comes with a quite significant inclusion of a video calling feature which is set to send Google Duo right back into the

The new update is still in its beta stage and is yet to be officially rolled out, but you can download and install HERE
Upon installation, a video call icon is immediately noticeable alongside the voice call icon.

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To make use of the video call feature, your intended contact for video calling needs to also have his Whatsapp updated to this same beta version otherwise there will be an error message.
There is however an option to record a video message if the other party is unavailable to participate in the video call. There is still some buggy lags on the Whatsapp beta update version but those are sure to be rectified before the rollout.
Meanwhile, nothing stops you from enjoying the video call feature using this beta version. While this is awesome news to us Whatsapp users, I doubt Google is feeling ecstastic about this development.

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